Songs to Make Dogs Happy


The Only Musical CD for Dogs Approved by Dogs.

Squeaky Deakey Listen to “Squeaky Deakey” – Try it out with your dog. Listen to more music below.



Bring your dog into the room and play the sound samples below. See what happens…

Songs To Make Dogs Happy was created by Skip Haynes and Dana Walden of the L.A. based record label, Laurel Canyon Animal Company.

They utilized the services of an animal. communicator who convened focus groups of dogs taken from over two hundred and fifty dogs nationwide – both shelter animals and pets. The music and lyrics for the CD were created based on the dog’s responses as “translated” via the communicator. The result was a CD that dogs love to listen to. When it was aired on NPR’s Weekend Edition, it became one of the most emailed interviews due to the huge amount of listener’s dog’s responses to the music that NPR received from all over the country.

Songs To Make Dogs Happy:
• Eases separation anxiety
• Helps animals in recovery from serious illness
• Eases dogs traveling fears and anxieties
• Calms dogs in shelters

People the world over have contacted the Laurel Canyon Animal Company to relate the responses their dogs have exhibited listening to Songs To Make Dogs Happy over the radio, at home and in their cars. Similar responses have been received from rescue and rehab organizations all over the country.


Squeaky Deakey
Squeaky Jugete
Scratch My Back
I’m Your Doggie
You’re A Good Dog
I’ll Be Back
My Bed
I’m An Adventure Dog

Digital Download: Individual Songs $1.29

Squeaky DeakyAdd to Cart
Squeaky JugeteAdd to Cart
Scratch My BackAdd to Cart
I’m Your DoggyAdd to Cart
You’re A Good Dog Add to Cart
I’ll Be BackAdd to Cart
Please, Please Let Me KnowAdd to Cart
CookiesAdd to Cart
My BedAdd to Cart
Outside Add to Cart
I’m An Adventure DogAdd to Cart

Purchase CD – $19.95 (+5.95 S&H)


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