Koko – Fine Animal Gorilla

Koko – Fine Animal Gorilla


(includes the song “Man Stupid”)

50% of the net profits are donated to the Gorilla Foundation to support their work on behalf of endangered lowland Gorillas and to educate people on the dangers of denying climate change.

The Gorilla Foundation is the only organization in the world dedicated to understanding and saving the endangered Lowland Gorilla.

The Laurel Canyon Animal Company is the only record label in the world dedicated to creating a bridge between animals and humans through music.

Koko is the only Gorilla in the world dedicated to saving the planet.

All three come together to create this song and album.


Product Description

To create this new song, the Laurel Canyon Animal Company has again teamed up with Koko to give her a musical “voice”  to keep her message for denying the dangers of climate change alive and present it to a whole new audience worldwide.


Man Stupid

Digital Download: Individual Song $2.99

Man Stupid – Add to Cart

KOKO — FINE ANIMAL GORILLA (Special Edition including MAN STUPID!)

In 2011, The Laurel Canyon Animal Company (working under the guidance of the Gorilla foundation) created Fine Animal Gorilla — an album of songs created specifically for and about Koko.

Every song was vetted and approved, not only by the Gorilla Foundation, but Koko herself. Certain performances and lyrics were changed based on Koko’s wishes after she listened to each song.

The Laurel Canyon Animal Company spent months researching Koko’s history so each song is based on something that is a significant part of Koko’s life.

Man Stupid
Fine Animal Gorilla
I’m Just an Ordinary Girl
Koko Love
Scary Alligator
I’m going to Maui
Even Gorillas Get the Blues
Gorilla Lullabuy
Tickle Me Chase
Digital Download: Individual Songs $1.29
Man Stupid – Add to Cart
Fine Animal Gorilla – Add to Cart
I’m Just an Ordinary Girl – Add to Cart
Koko Love – Add to Cart
Scary Alligator – Add to Cart
I’m Going to Maui – Add to cart
Even Gorillas Get the Blues – Add to Cart
Gorilla Lullaby – Add to Cart
Tickle Me Chase – Add to Cart
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$19.95 (+5.95 S&H)


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