I’m a Green Chicken!


All the songs are about birds and/or bird lovers. From crows to hummingbirds to parrots to chickens to bluebirds. We’re all birds of a feather when it comes down to it. Listen to music below.



Music for Bird Lovers

We signed Carla, a Double Yellowhead Amazon parrot to our label and I’m A Green Chicken! is the result.

Carla is singing the the lead vocal on the chorus and the phrase Zippidy Doo Dah, I’m A Green Chicken is also hers.

We brought her into the studio but she wouldn’t sing for us at first. She liked Judy Garland so we had to sing: Somewhere Over The Rainbow four or five times to get her into the mood. We tried to register her with ASCAP as the first parrot ever registered as a composer and performer but it didn’t happen because she didn’t have a Social Securty number.

All the songs are about birds and/or bird lovers. From crows to hummingbirds to parrots to chickens to bluebirds. We’re all birds of a feather when it comes down to it.


I’m A Green Chicken!
Four Little Blue Birds
Birds of a Feather
Two Crows
Ballad of the Ooh Ahh Chicken
Parrot on My Shoulder
Yellow Bird
Hummingbird Feeder

Digital Download: Individual Songs $1.29

I’m A Green Chicken! – Add to Cart
Four Little Bluebirds – Add to Cart
Birds of a Feather Add to Cart
Two Crows – Add to Cart
Ballad of the Ooh AH CHICKEN – Add to Cart
Parrot on My Shoulder – Add to Cart
Yellow Bird – Add to Cart

Purchase CD – $19.95 (+5.95 S&H)
Skip and Carla
Carla in the studio recording "I'm A Green Chicken"
Carla in the studio recording “I’m a Green Chicken!”
Carla proudly sitting on her finished Album.
Carla proudly sitting on her finished Album.


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