Help Us Find Them a Home

Earlier this summer, the Three Amigos were found wandering in our neighborhood in the Kirkwood Bowl in Laurel Canyon. We even tried to catch the little white mix with the blue eye.

Safe Paws, a great Laurel Canyon group of dog lovers, caught them and brought them in to Animal Services, paid their medical bills, then brought them back to the canyon to be fostered until they could be adopted by a forever home. Safe Paws told us that they believed they were dumped by an illegal breeder – which is where we (the Laurel Canyon Animal Company) come in.

We thought a little song about the Three Amigos (the name that they picked up along the way) might help publicize their plight and help them find a forever home.

We also asked Vincent Genna, our in-house animal communicator on many of our projects. We sent him the picture of the Three Amigos to see if we could learn anything about them.

Since there are three dogs of different ages who have bonded – they must remain together. This makes them one of the more difficult type of adoptions. We hope our little song will help publicize their plight and help them find them a forever home.

All fostering is covered. This GoFundMe is to cover medical (adoption costs included spay & neuter, not including medications.)

Please share to help find the Three Amigos a new forever home – Together.

While you’re visiting, please browse our other music – it helps all animals.

Skip Haynes & Dana Walden
The Laurel Canyon Animal Company